Step 1


Look at your body....

I mean ... REALLY look at your body

See every part of it, every inch of flesh and bone, every curve and limb

Push aside all of the negative messages I am sure you are hearing in your mind and see that this is the body you have right now. It gets you through life, it takes you to your job, and allows you to do all those things you love. It is a part of who you are and it does some rather incredible, and miraculous things every minute, no, every second you are alive.

Ask yourselves why you are hating the main thing on this earth that allows you to exist?

Your body is the only vehicle you have in this world so the sooner you can stop hating it and fighting against it, the sooner you can start taking care of it properly.

Making peace with your body is the first step towards loving what you see in the mirror.